Those of you that don’t know, Poshmark is an online site (kind of like Ebay) where you can post your clothes, shoes and accessories and sell them. Well having three kids, and even with passing clothes down from one to the next, I have TONS of clothes that I am so over having. Clothes my kids don’t wear because “it itches”, “I don’t like it”, “It’s too big. It’s too small”…. you get it. My youngest doesn’t wear girly things, its not her thing. So all the dresses and skirts from the middle one, DONE. (And my middle one is super girly, my youngest one, not so much.)

Well having a garage sale is one option, but when its chilly out or you don’t have the time to set up and manage a garage sale (and have people request you sell all your clothes new or not for a quarter, yes a quarter, you read that right… 25 cents) you post them on Poshmark, Ebay or even Facebook Marketplace (people will try to get things for free on there too.) So I’ve posted a bunch of things on there but now I’m tired of them being in my house too.

So I am having a huge POSHMARK SALE! All items above $10 are now $10. Anything that is marked less is still that price. Bundle all your interested items and send me an offer. (The amount of your items X $10) and I will accept. I’ll even discount shipping, that’s how tired I am of this pile of clothes in my house. Shipping is quick. I will get it out within a day to you (unless I get bombarded with orders then give me a day or two….please?)

Feel free to follow me on Poshmark and share each others closets and clothes. 

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Investing with Stash

Have you heard of Stash? It’s a great way to play with investing without making HUGE commitments or even having to learn about different investment types. You can even use Smart Save which monitors change in your bank account to help move it into Stash for future investments. You know…like when you used to come home and empty your pockets of all your change and dump into the jar? This is a great alternative to saving for retirement. Plus you get to learn about different types of portfolios, investments and you can move your money around how you please. If you sign up using this link, you will get $5 to start your investment journey. They even have an app for Android and Apple users. I have Auto Stash on and plan on investing in many different portfolios in the future. The return is great so far (mine is at 10%) and I’m sure it will continue to grow. Give Stash a try today.