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Debt Payoff Check in!

So here’s the Debt Payoff Checkin for finishing up January!

I fell of the wagon, especially with eating out. We did horrible in that category! But February is another month. I have an upcoming car repair coming up so that will slow down my snowball but at least I don’t have to charge it! Ok so let’s get to the nitty gritty. How much debt did I pay off in January? (FYI this is the first time I’m seeing this too so…. ahhhhh…)

Total Debt Balance FEB: $24,127.01

Total Debt Balance JAN: $23,968

So how did my debt go up, even though I paid some things down? Well my student loan was on hold because of the grace period once your out of school (what is it? 3 months?). So all the accrued interest on my student loan finally kicked in and showed in my account. We’re talking $976 dollars worth. I think for the time being I am going to take this student loan out of the equation. So let’s start the debt pay off with only credit cards.

That would mean for January my total CC debt was: $14,968

Starting February with a total CC debt of $14,151.01

Not bad. Paid off approximately $810.

Let’s try harder in February, even though its a shorter month and I have a car repair to budget for.

How was January for you paying off debt? I’d love to see everyone’s progress and check ins! Let’s be each others accountability partners!


Debt Payoff, personal finance

Debt Payoff Begins….


That is what many of us lack when it comes to our goals. So YOU GUYS are going to be MY accountability partners.

January 1st, 2018 begins the serious pay-down (insert serious face here). I will start fresh from whatever my checkbook is at that day. So drumroll please…..

My total debt to slay in 2018 is $23,968.

This is currently not counting my vehicle, however, it does count all credit cards, student loans, etc. Hopefully I can slay all of this by the end of the year! Watch at the end of each month for debt payoff  check-ins! And please feel free to post your journey as well!