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Elderberry Syrup (Psst! You can buy it here!)

If you ever been sick, run down or not feeling 100% yourself, then you need Elderberry in your life.

I’ve currently opened my small side business in making elderberry syrup. All syrup is made with organic elderberries and local Florida honey. I am currently taking orders for 8oz. & 16 oz. jars. If you would like a different size please contact me and we can work it out. All orders are made to order (fresh). Please allow 1 to 2 days for processing and shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Shipping is included in the cost at checkout.

Black Elderberry As Medicine: How Does It Work?

Black elderberries are full of antioxidants, a characteristic many dark-colored fruits and vegetables share. Antioxidants help the body in dealing with free radicals we come into contact with in our environment, as well as assisting our immune systems.

Studies have also shown that black elderberry stimulates the immune system by increasing lymphocytes, a part of the immune system that fights disease. This helps in fighting off cold and flu viruses.

Black elderberry has been shown to aid in fighting off the flu virus in other ways as well. The flu virus, under a microscope, has spikes that project out from it, and with these spikes, it pierces the wall of healthy cells in order to reproduce. Black elderberry, when taken into the body, has the ability to flatten the virus’ spikes, rendering it incapable of reproducing and preventing the body from getting the full-blown flu virus.

Elderberry extract appears to be the best method of getting the benefits of elderberry during cold and flu season. Apparently, your grandma’s elderberry cobbler won’t give you the same benefits.

If you’d like to purchase some Organic Elderberry Syrup you can do so below. Shipping is included in the cost of the item. Questions? Feel free to shoot them my way.

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