Air Fryer

How good are air fryers?

So I heard all these great things about air friers. A co-worker of mine said she loved hers and could make more foods in hers using less oil, making food more healthier. So being on Keto, I thought to myself, “I have got to try this!”. So I went out to my local BJ’s Wholesale and purchased the one pictured above. It was on sale for $60, which I thought was a good price.

Let me tell you! I came home and I made everything I could think of to make in there! First I started with frozen chicken wings that I had planned on making. Now you’re supposed to thaw them before you put them in there but my kids were STARVINGGGG (we all know this scenario). So I pre-heated it, got the bag out threw it in there, cooked it for 25 (give or take) minutes. MMMM, MMM, MMM! All I did was salt them a little bit and they were crispy and so yummy! They were soooo good. The next morning I made bacon. Then I made donuts (out of crescent rolls dough!) (Hint: Follow me on Pintrest to see the recipes I’ve saved for Keto & Air Fryers)

The ideas are endless! It is a quick dinner fix and I’m sure I’ll be able to team my AirFryer up with my Instant Pot!

Do you have an AirFryer? Would you consider getting one? What are you favorite recipes for your AirFryer? Leave a comment below.

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